Patients’ rights:


  • Patients shall be entitled to adequate health care that is available at Masarat Care Center.

  • Patients shall always be respected and their dignity be preserved at all times.

  • We are committed to maintain the confidentiality of the patients’ information, secrets, and privacy.

  • Only direct health care professionals have the right to see patients’ files and their health conditions.

  • Patients shall be examined in isolated private designated areas. (as possible).

  • Subject to the permission of the health facility and availability of rooms, patients are entitled to move to another room should they be harassed by other patients or visitors.

  • Patients shall know the names of their doctors or any other person with a role in the healthcare provided to them.

  • Patients or their family shall be given full explanation of their health condition and the medical procedures of their treatment. This includes any expected side-effects of the treatment. Should such information may cause harm to the patients’ health, only their family shall be given the explanation. Once the patient or their family agree to the explained procedure, they may sign a (medical procedure form) which is produced in accordance with the relevant regulations.

  • Patients may seek medical consultation for their health conditions at any other health facility of their preference at their own expenses.

  • Patients and their family should be given the necessary instructions to benefit from the treatment provided as per the health care and preventive counseling. Patients should also adhere to the instructions of using medication.

  • Patients’ or their family’s complains about a service provided at the center shall not have any negative impact on their treatment or healthcare provided to them by the staff.

Patients’ responsibilities:


  • Patients shall be punctual and report at their appointments. In case of emergency, they shall contact the center 24 hours prior to the appointment for cancellation.

  • Patients shall attend their belongings as long as they are in the center.

  • Patients shall maintain the properties of the center and the properties of the others.

  • Safe and proper use of the facilities and equipments available at the center.

  • Patients shall follow the instructions and directions including:-

  1. Presenting patient’s ID.

  2. Providing full and accurate personal, and medical information of patients.

  3. Informing medical service providers about any previous medical procedures and their visits to any other healthcare institutions.

  4. Report any changes in the health condition of the patients.

  5. Informing the attending physician of any misunderstanding of the treatment plan and the procedures involved.

  6. Providing full and accurate information about their medical insurance coverage and bearing responsibility of that.

  7. Patients or their families shall pay the bills of the treatments.

  8. Following the prescribed treatment plan. In the event of failure or rejection to do so, patients or their legal guardian shall bear responsibility of any resulting consequences.

  9. Dealing with the whole staff and other patients and visitors with respect and courtesy.

  10. Commitment to public decency and respecting others’ religions, beliefs and ideologies.

  11. Respecting others’ privacy.

  12. Following the regulations and guidelines set out by the healthcare center.

  13. Following safety and security regulations and guidelines set out by the healthcare center.

  14. Commitment to any referral or dismissal decision taken by the attending physician.

  15. Commitment to smoking only area designated for that.